Since the very beginning Desperation Church has had a heart for people. Our tagline is rebuild, revive, and restore. That’s all about people. Our vision is all about people… we want to see them Encounter God, Experience Life Change, Discover Purpose, and Change the World. Our annual budget has served us well in the area of buildings and campuses. Over the years we’ve grown from a small group of 40 people to a family of 2,500 across 3 counties. We’ve remodeled, changed service times, offered more options, launched new campuses, and moved locations all because of our heart for reaching people. We’re in the largest facilities available to us in our cities. We know that buildings aren’t significant in and of themselves. They’re simply enablers… allowing us to reach people in the cities we serve. And because our heart is and will always be for people, Buildings and Campuses are something that will always be a part of the conversation. That’s why we’ve got to think big, we’ve got to plan, we’ve got to be strategic. It’s bigger than one project, or one location. In this season it means construction in Cullman, but it also means positioning ourselves for Jasper, for Arab, for the future campus plants… that could be a North Jefferson, Winfield, or Oneonta campus, and even beyond. Giving in this lane means land acquisition, it means facilities, it means buildings, it means upgrades and expansions, it means new campuses, it means technology for an online campus and community. It means bringing to life the mission of one church, with multiple locations. It means we’re reaching people

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