If we want to reach our cities with new campuses, if we want to advance the kingdom of God, if we want to make an impact in a meaningful way it’s going to take a lot more than excitement. We have a responsibility to produce leaders. Through Desperation College we will be releasing the next wave of leaders who will not only enhance Desperation Church, but will advance the Kingdom of God. The leadership skills and practical ministry training provided is going to allow men and women to step confidently and boldly into their calling. Through a partnership with Portland Bible College our students can receive solid Biblical teaching, as well as hands on ministry training. An alarming number of pastors and church leaders leave ministry behind every year. Often because they weren’t prepared. The excitement faded and the reality set in with the practical components of ministry. Our college is raising up world class leaders who not only have the head knowledge, but the practical experience and hands on training they need to be effective in the church and in the marketplace. Our college began last year and we’re already up to 22 students this semester. Our traditional program costs around $1875/semester and the evening program around $575. Books add an additional cost to our students of around $200. When you give through Desperation College you are equipping and empowering future pastors, future teachers, future worship leaders, future business owners, future Kingdom Builders… When you give towards the College Impact Lane, your generosity will allow us to offer scholarships, employ faculty, and provide the technology and facilities needed to effectively train and equip the students God trusted us with. When you give, you’re a part of raising up the next generation, and I dare say you’re a part of the revival sweeping across our land that will one day be written about in the history books.

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