“See the Need, Be the Answer” is more than just a mission’s motto. It’s who we are. It is not a catchphrase, it really is our Heart for this House. We believe that together we can truly change the world. We believe that together we can accelerate the pace that we’re able to change it! Here are the opportunities we have to make an impact locally, nationally, and globally.

Local Schools: Across the counties we serve there are a large number of children who would not be able to eat lunch at school, if it were not for the Free & Reduced Lunch programs offered. If students need assistance to eat lunch at school, what does that say about what they are eating at home, or even IF they are eating at home. The meal at school may very well be the only quality and nutritious meal they get.  We began reaching out to our local schools to learn more. People who were willing to sit down with us and share some of the heartbreak, and express some of the needs and challenges seen in students across the county. It is difficult to be successful in school, when your biggest concern is where your next meal is coming from. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to be interested in math homework when I didn’t eat dinner. According to data made available through the Alabama State Department of Education and local school boards, in the 2016-17 school year, 58% of students in Cullman County receive assistance to eat through the Free/Reduced lunch programs. 63% of students in Walker County get help; and in Marshall County it jumps up to 74% of kids getting help with lunch. What if kids in our area didn’t have to worry about food? What if when they went home on the weekends they wouldn’t have to wait until Monday to get something good to eat? What if on Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break there was food in the cabinet?  Our school boards confirmed that the need is real, and is often higher than reported because of the stigma attached to asking for help. Older kids especially are embarrassed to turn in the paperwork to qualify for help. Often, they’ll just go without and hide their need. Our schools are doing a great job with what they have. Your generosity will allow us to work with local schools to provide food the kids could take home when they need it. There are some schools across our counties that have a program we can supplement, and some schools who do not yet have the resources for anything. When you give your offering towards this Impact Lane, we’ll be able to come alongside them and start. Because our school boards, principals, and counselors have the best sense of where the needs are we’ll work through central offices to make an impact county-wide in Cullman, Walker, and Marshall Counties.  When you give through the Missions Lane you’re making a huge impact in the lives of local children. They’re eating because of you.

Addiction: we also know that addiction is a disease that plagues our cities. Not many of us are immune from its effects on our friends, families, or neighbors. According to a 2014 SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) report, Alabama ranks 2nd nationally for teens and adults over the age of 12 using painkillers and prescription drugs not prescribed to them. That report shows that 5% of our state population use them. That means across Cullman County around 4,297 teens and adults are using (US Census Cullman County 82,005 in 2015); 3,421 in Walker (65,294 in 2015); 4,964 in Marshall (94,725 in 2015). In the counties we serve, 12-14% of the adult population reports excessive use and addiction to alcohol. And those are the ones who actually REPORT that to their doctor or healthcare provider. You probably know someone who suffers in silence, never reporting the drug use to someone that could help. Imagine for a moment if addiction didn’t exist in our counties… how would that change things like life expectancy, how would it change our health, our economy, our families. Imagine if communities ravaged by drugs were freed and Rebuilt, Revived, and Restored in Jesus’ Name. We can practically be the hands and feet of Jesus offering the practical coping, job, and life skills needed to live a life of freedom. Freedom isn’t free. The biggest challenge is often just the initial entry fee. Giving through the Missions Lane helps to establish a scholarship fund that we can use to eliminate one of the initial barriers on the road to recovery… entry fees.


ARC the Association of Related Churches:  Your tithes and offering allow us to partner with ARC to plant life giving churches, churches like Desperation Church all across the country. Where the church exists, there is hope. Together with ARC we’ve launched 120 churches in 2017. We’ve seen over 28,000 attend services on Launch Sunday. Better yet, over 1,000 people have made decisions to follow Jesus on launch Sunday at the churches we’ve planted. In the history of ARC we’ve opened 733 churches. What if we accelerated this? What if we gave more? There are cities waiting to be reached. Lives waiting to be changed. Through the Missions Lane, we can plant MORE Life Giving Churches across the USA.

A21 Campaign. Forced labor and sex trafficking hold victims in bondage not only across the globe, but right here in the United States. It’s a powerful force, a $150 billion dollar industry, that’s producing death and destruction. But we know the truth: Human beings everywhere were created in the image of God. They have value and dignity. Ephesians says that they are God’s masterpiece, His workmanship. Human trafficking is destroying lives but Freedom WILL HAVE the final word. That’s why we’re partnering with A21, the abolitionist of the 21st century, a non-profit with the radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. This hits close to home… 41% of sex trafficking victims are U.S. citizens. We see it in industries like strip clubs, agriculture, and domestic services (U.S. State Dept). It gets even closer to home learning that a 2017 report reveals 36 cases of human trafficking in Alabama.  Information provided by the University of Alabama indicates that Interstate 20 that passes through Birmingham is one of the most trafficked thoroughfares in the United States. Those statistics can be overwhelming. They can be numbing almost. But our heart is for the one. The one woman, the one man, the one child that is trapped, exploited, and unable to see an end. Through Heart for the House, we’re going to see the one, fight for the one, and sacrifice for the one… to give them freedom and the chance for a better story. When you give, A21 USA Basic Care provides clothes, transportation, shelter, services, etc. for people who have been rescued… And they’re waiting. Giving in the Missions Lane provides freedom on so many levels. We’re working to reduce not only the number of victims, but to reduce the demand.


The Seed Company.  Think for just a minute of all the ways the Bible has impacted your life… in an obvious and overwhelming way, the Bible provided us with the revelation of Jesus. Thanks to the Words of Life we have access to the transforming power of Jesus and his message of salvation. But it’s more than that. I don’t know how I could have survived the disappointments of life, if it weren’t for scripture… Imagine losing a friend or a family member without the promise of the Resurrection… Imagine losing a job, losing your way, losing your health, without your faith… without promises to claim, without a hope to walk out… Before He left Jesus told us He was doing something pretty amazing… He was building the Church and He wanted and invited us to be a part of what He was doing. He said things like “Go and tell” “Go and make disciples of all nations” He revealed His heart to us in Revelation with a picture of people from every nation, every language, every tribe all gathered around the throne of God… But here we are 2,000 years later and there are still those who haven’t heard the Name above all Names, they haven’t read a single life-giving Word, or heard the message of hope. Our world is pretty diverse…. In fact, there are over 7,000 languages spoken… It’s English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin and literally thousands of others. Of those 7,000 languages about 1,600 (which represents 300 million people) have no scripture, no written Word, no access to Jesus, no Bible. They are still waiting. Let’s speed it up. We don’t want them to wait another day. For the first time in history, we could complete scripture translation. We now KNOW the people groups and languages with no missionary, no church, and no scripture. Through our partnership with The Seed Company, we’re providing scripture translation for a language cluster across South Asia. This also allows us to work with local churches, experts, and translators to fund portions of the New Testament and the Jesus Film to reach an estimated 2.4 million people. When you give, people are getting access to the Words of Jesus.

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