This trip focuses on serving the communities of Brazil by building church buildings, administering basic medical help, and evangelical outreach. No prior training is required however applicants should understand that working in extreme temperatures at times is required.

Team Leader
Rick and Terry Ward

June 19 –  June 28th


Estimated  $2500 – $3000

About This Trip

Pioneer Missions Global, enabled by God’s grace and guidance, will seek to impact the world for Christ by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, equipping disciples, and facilitating new churches. This trip ministry includes the training of nationals in evangelism and church planting strategies, the implementation of church planting projects with national Baptist entities, and the planning and coordination of volunteer projects throughout the country. Among the variety of ministries of which Pioneer Missions is involved, certainly the chapel construction projects have an important role. These projects assist in the development of existing church/missions and the establishment of new church starts. The chapel construction project is a partnership with our Brazilian churches. They have many requirements to meet, including financial, before a project is approved for their location. We are careful to not create a dependency, but to help leverage the local Brazilian resources. The approach to the Pioneer Missions Chapel Program is to provide a model of helping the Brazilian local church, expand their ministry by allowing U.S. churches to partner to advance church growth and improve their local church on a one time basis.

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