Because of the ongoing generosity of our church and congregation, we are overjoyed to announce that we are giving a gift to the people of Walker, Winston, Cullman, Blount, and Marshall county. No strings attached.

Here’s the situation:

  • Medical debt has destroyed the financial stability of large segments of America’s most vulnerable people: the sick, the elderly, the poor, and veterans.
  • 60% of personal bankruptcies are due to medical bills, making it one of the leading causes of homelessness in the USA. 75% of all individuals in medical bankruptcy had health insurance coverage.
  • When a person cannot pay their medical bills, it results in damage to their credit score. That then makes it harder to get an apartment, harder to get a job, harder to get a loan, and interest rates and fees on loans are much higher due to the credit damage.

Here’s what we have done:

  • We mapped out 5 counties in Alabama.
  • We then worked with RIP Medical Debt – a nonprofit – and learned that there was over $1.7 million of outstanding medical debt owed by people in those counties earning less than 2 times the federal poverty level. We were able to purchase that debt and forgive it for just 1 penny on the dollar.
  • So, because of the generosity of our church, we purchase ALL $1.7 million+ worth of the medical debt of the poor in ALL 5 counties and forgive all of it in Jesus’ name. No more harassment from debt collectors. No strings attached.

But there’s more:

  • Each person will receive a letter letting them know their medical debt has been cleared by an act of generosity from Desperation Church. Plus, RIP medical debt will then work with the credit unions to repair the credit damage from the medical debt thereby lifting the credit score of each person. As they recover from their illness, the improved score will make it easier for them to get a job, get an apartment, and help them get back on their feet, and avoid homelessness.
  • This is an act of biblical justice and generosity on behalf of the poor done in Jesus’ name. People affected in the 5 counties will get letters with the good news.

So to the Desperation Church family – Isn’t this crazy & delightful that we get to do this together because of your generosity?

To the communities of Walker, Winston, Cullman, Blount, and Marshall county – You Are Loved.  This simple act of kindness from your friends at Desperation Church has no strings attached. It is just a reminder that Jesus loves you, and so do we.

Join Us:

  • Be a part of making a difference with the Desperation Church family.  Gifts to the HFTH Missions Impact Lane fund this amazing initiative, as well as others locally, nationally, and globally.  Learn more about our Heart for the House giving partnership at

*For those inquiring about having your medical debt paid off or you would like more information about the partnering organization, RIP Medical Debt, go to for details and how it all works. 

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